Twistocity Creators
Michael Kiely
Founder / Co-Creator
Hi, I am Michael Kiely. I am the founder of Mass Middle Games and the co-creator of Twistocity. I’ve been an avid gamer my whole life and thought my passion for tabletop games was the next step in my career. I also enjoy Photoshop, writing and movies.
Adam Oliveira
Hi, I'm Adam Oliveira a Co-Creator of Twistocity. Things that I enjoy are comic books (before it was "cool"), movies, video games, and creative writing. When this opportunity came around it was exciting to apply some of those passions to something I actually had creative control over.
Melvin De Voor
Hi, my name is Melvin De Voor. Im hoping that I will become a recognisable name, both in the fantasy scene but also children illustrations and eventually as a writer and an actual recognised Artist. My work can be seen in games such as Evil Baby Orphanage, Jet Pack Unicorn, Malifaux and many more.